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Addicted to Mobile Devices: Can We Break the Habit?

phone addiction - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

You've probably suspected it for at least the past several years, particularly if you have a preteen or teenage child, but now teens themselves have confirmed it: they're addicted to their mobile devices. According to a survey conducted by nonprofit organization Common Sense Media, one in two (50 percent) of teens say they are addicted to their mobile...

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The Latest Depressing News When It Comes to Antidepressants

Pregnancy Downer - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Depression is a serious condition, but that doesn't mean antidepressant medications are the answer, particularly when you consider the potential side effects. That's no more true than when it comes to an expectant mother and her developing child, and recent science supports it.

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High-Risk Moments for Your Low Back

How to Avoid Injury and Pain

Back pain - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark By Marc Heller, DC

What are the high-risk times and events for your lower back? Why can you get into more trouble doing something as simple as picking up a loaf of bread from the trunk of the car, rather than doing something more challenging? What simple steps can you take to avoid injury and pain? Let's get the answers to these questions and more.

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Managing Sports Injuries Without NSAIDs / Painkillers

sports injuries - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

As an active person, your favorite sport or exercise is an important part of your life. It gives you energy, it challenges you and it makes you come alive. You can't imagine a day without it until the day you get injured. Sports injuries are a natural consequence of the choice of being active. Keeping informed on how to manage an injury is just as...

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Less Pain, Less Empathy: A Risk You're Willing to Take?

Pain, both chronic and acute, can be a life changer, but what are you willing to risk in order to achieve pain relief? If you're taking acetaminophen-containing pain-relievers (Tylenol, etc.), you might feel less pain – but the trade-off may be less empathy, according to a recent study.

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Food Poisoning: A Bigger Issue Than GMO Crops?

Other than the morbidity and mortality linked to eating too much food, "all-natural" organisms that contaminate our food cause more illness, more hospitalizations and more death than food contaminated by heavy metals, plastics, preservatives, artificial colors, emulsifiers, artificial sweeteners and pesticides combined. In fact, the numbers are...

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