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Take Care of Your Skin Naturally

skin protection - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Are you aware that the largest organ in the human body is actually the skin? Accounting for 16 percent of total body weight and covering up to 22 square feet of surface area, the skin is more than just a "covering," as originally thought. A complex system made up of nerves, glands and cell layers, the skin plays an intricate role in overall health.

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I'd Like to Order Some Extra Calories...

calories - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Make no bones about it: Eating out generally equates with poorer eating habits compared to eating at home, despite "advances" in the past few years in terms of healthier menu options. Case in point: a recent study that suggests people who eat at fast-food or sit-down (full-service) restaurants consume approximately 200 additional calories each day they...

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Low Vitamin D = Alzheimer's?

alzheimers - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

There is no known cure for Alzheimer's disease, a progressive form of dementia characterized by short-term memory loss, confusion, irritability and mood swings, among other symptoms. Despite the lack of a cure for this neurodegenerative disorder, recent evidence suggests a potential link between the condition and low blood levels of vitamin D.

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Why Flossing Your Teeth Can Save Your Life

flossing - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

When I was little, I have to admit to the fact that I didn't floss every day. But then again, I was a kid...what kid does what she or he is supposed to do every day? But now that I'm older, I have learned about the importance of flossing daily. And why is it important, you may be asking?

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Protect Your Hearing

Our hearing is one of those things that we frequently take for granted until we lose it. This is unfortunate and I see it time and time again. Nowadays, it seems that no matter where we go, we are inevitably surrounded by loud music or movies or TV shows. We even pay more money so that we can have louder sounds at the movie theater by seeing higher sound...

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High-Intensity Training For Pain

There are many ways to address painful muscles. The correct choice depends on what is specifically causing the pain. While drugs are often considered first, high-intensity strength training can be more effective at addressing the pain and increasing strength.

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