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Sports Science: What's in That Drink?

Key components of a performance / recovery drink – and what many are missing.

sports drink - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Athletes frequently ask me what the best liquid is to drink during exercise – water or a sports drink? Water provides the necessary hydration, but unfortunately, it lacks the key nutrients to aid in performance and recovery. If water is not sufficient, what, then, is the best sports drink on the market? An extensive review of various literature shows...

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Rethinking GMO: Less Panic, More Context

gmo - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

When I read GMOs are a "major threat to human fertility and very existence of human life on earth" by people who reject GMO science from the same organizations whose science they embrace in the debate on climate change, I expected significant data to refute organizations like the United States National Academy of Sciences, which states: "To date, no...

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Don't Walk the Plank: 5 Challenging Variations

exercise - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Pirates used to make their victims "walk the plank" for self-amusement or as a form of psychological torture; these days, the word plank has an entirely different meaning as a core-strengthening exercise. Trouble is, too many people only do the basic plank. That's as outdated as the pirate-mandated plank walk. Here are five great – and challenging –...

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Three Ways to Improve Your Sleep

sleep - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Sleep is essential to your body's repair and restoration. If you don't sleep, your body starts to feel unhealthy and chaotic and worse yet, you can really get yourself ill. So, if you have trouble sleeping, how can you address that? One of the most important things about sleep is that you have to establish good habits. We have a term for that in medicine...

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How to Get More Protein in Your Diet

There are a lot of patients in my clinic who prefer eating carbohydrates and sugars, I generally have to frequently remind them that a diet rich in vegetables and low saturated fat proteins are in general healthier for them. This concept can be hard for many patients. I am a big fan of the vegetarian or vegan diet, but getting enough protein for them...

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Vitamin D for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia has a significant impact on a person's quality of life and can even result in loss of employment. It is a painful condition that can also cause persistent pain, fatigue, loss of sleep, educed concentration and depression.

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