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Chiropractic Is Good for Your Heart

healthy heart - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

High blood pressure can be life-threatening, pure and simple. In fact, high BP (known clinically as hypertension) is a risk factor for heart disease and stroke – two of the major causes of death. Aerobic exercise, a healthy diet and not smoking are three natural ways to lower your risk of high blood pressure, but unfortunately, too many people with high...

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Calling All Mathletes

mathlete - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

We should all encourage children to participate in daily physical activity because of the profound anti-aging, disease-preventing benefits exercise provides, but there's another reason, according to recent research: being fit can make you a better student. In the study, researchers discovered that 9-10-year-olds who performed better on a treadmill test...

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Escaping the Ergonomic Danger Zone

The Right Position Makes All the Difference

Man using computer Home - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark By Dr. David Ryan

More than 90 percent of all office workers use a personal computer, but whether they use it correctly is debatable. By "correctly," I'm not referring to whether they know how to download files, format documents, troubleshoot error messages or prevent e-mail viruses from attacking. I'm talking about having your computer monitor, keyboard, chair and...

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Drop the Diet Drinks to Help Drop the Pounds

diet soda - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

You're trying to drop a few pounds (or more), so soda and other sugar-sweetened drinks are a no-no. But what about the diet variety? After all, it says "diet" right in the name – what harm can it do? Actually, evidence suggests diet sodas and other "diet" beverages ("zero calorie," etc.) can derail your weight-loss plans.

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Healthy Eating (When Eating Out)

Choosing a restaurant when you're trying to maintain a healthy diet is always a challenge. Many of us are faced with the dilemma of having to break our diets when we eat out or abstain from eating completely, as restaurants are notoriously known for having a limited number of healthy options.

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When Medication Hurts

At this point, you should be well-aware that when you take any medication, you could experience an unwanted side effect, from minor to severe. Common minor side effects include fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and so on; while severe (read: life-threatening) side effects include liver damage, increased risk of bleeding, etc. (depending on the drug being...

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