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Olive Oil Helps Prevent Colon Cancer

According to mythology, the olive tree was brought to Greece from the goddess Athena. Olive oil has long been considered a symbol of excellence and purity, and increasing evidence points to its value in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing disease.

Precisely this type of evidence appeared in a recent issue of the journal Gut, which published a study espousing the benefits of olive oil in preventing colon cancer. Rats were randomly assigned to receive a diet rich in
one of three types of fatty acids found in oil (safflower oil, olive oil, fish oil). After one week receiving a 5% fat diet, each dietary group was redivided, with half of the animals receiving a cancer-causing agent and half receiving harmless saline. Rats fed a diet supplemented with olive oil had a lower risk of colon cancer than those fed diets supplemented with safflower oil -- nearly as low as those supplemented with fish oil (an established colon cancer-fighting agent).

These findings add to the considerable evidence linking good nutrition with health promotion and disease prevention. Your chiropractor can provide you with more information on the value of nutrition in fighting disease, and help you develop a comprehensive wellness program for you and your family.


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