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Alternative and General Health >> Dangers of Drugs

Antibiotics Ineffective for Cough Symptoms?
Antibiotic Use Linked to Asthma
Lots of Antibiotics, Little Success
Medication Use May Cause Weight Gain
NSAIDs May Contribute to Congestive Heart Failure
Got the Flu? Antibiotics Won't Help
Anti-Inflammatory Arthritis Drugs: Bad for the Heart?
Possible Side Effects Include...
Ibuprofen Neutralizes Blood-Thinning Effect of Aspirin
Can the Pill Kill?
Eligibility for Cholesterol Drugs Skyrockets Under New Guidelines
Cough Medicine Results Sickening
Big Spenders
More Side Effects in Newer Drugs
One in Five Medication Doses in Error
A Bad Gut Feeling
Unbalanced Reporting
NSAID Use Increases Lymphoma Risk
A Painful Lesson
CDC Reports Prescription Drug Use on the Rise
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