To Your Health
April, 2024 (Vol. 18, Issue 04)
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Great for Memory

By Editorial Staff

Imagine struggling with memory – not remembering the best moments in your life; the ones that happened yesterday or the ones that took place 20 years ago. One way to help preserve memory appears to be by avoiding the Western diet as much as possible, because memory deficits can occur in response to the Western diet even when we're young.

What's the Western diet? It's the diet characteristic of Western countries – particularly the United States. Think sugar-sweetened, processed, refined foods: cookies, crackers, soft drinks, fried foods, high-fat dairy and red meat, etc. Compare that to the non-Western diet, more characteristic in Eastern countries; think Middle Eastern and Asian diets that feature more vegetables, unrefined / raw foods, and far less refined, sugary foods that lack solid nutrition.

According to a new study published in the research journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, long-lasting memory deficits can occur in response to the Western diet in early life – even if a healthier diet is subsequently introduced. The take-home point is clear: The importance of a healthy diet begins as soon as your child can eat solid food and continues throughout life. Their memory may depend on it.

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