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April, 2024 (Vol. 18, Issue 04)
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Older Men Need Chiropractic

By Editorial Staff

Stressful life events are all-too-common with advancing age, whether the loss of a spouse, financial issues, health problems or something else. One consequence: low back pain. A new study reinforces this connection in older men, emphasizing the value of chiropractic care.

Senior men reported stressful life events and/or low back pain within the prior 12 months, and researchers subsequently assessed low back pain in the men every three months for the following year. Stressful life events increased the odds of having both past and future low back pain. Findings appear in the European Journal of Pain and involved more than 5,000 men ages 65 and older.

Now let's talk about chiropractic, which is not mentioned in this study, but has been demonstrated in numerous previous investigations to effectively treat and prevent low back pain in various age groups. It's also more cost-effective compared to standard medical care, and reduces over-the-counter and prescription pain medication use, including opioids; as well as back surgery.

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