To Your Health
July, 2024 (Vol. 18, Issue 07)
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Live to 100 Years?

By Editorial Staff

Age is a big topic of conversation these days; but then again, it's always been a big topic. Aren't we all looking for ways to find the Fountain of Youth and live as long as possible, in as healthy a fashion as possible? Lifestyle is one of the big factors you can control in your quest for a long, healthy life. In fact, it could help you live to age 100 or even older.

According to new research, people who celebrate their 100th birthdays have certain commonalities when it comes to lifestyle behaviors. In examining adults at the ages of 80 and then tracking them over time, researchers discovered that the people who lived until their 100th birthday or older were more likely to have higher healthy lifestyle scores (in particular, three variables relative to health: never smoking, exercising, and eating a diverse diet) than people who died prior to becoming centenarians. Findings appear in JAMA Network Open.

Live to 100 Years - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark An important element of this study is that it began tracking adults at age 80, suggesting that even adopting healthy lifestyle habits in older life may not be "too late." This adds to previous research that links later-life participation in healthy habits to longevity. It's never too late to improve your health – and it can make a big difference in making the last stage of your life a rewarding, enjoyable one.