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Battling Fatigue as We Age

Fatigue strikes everyone at one time or another - after vigorous exercise, a long workday, or prolonged stress. In the elderly population, fatigue can be a severe problem, especially for seniors suffering from physical ailments.

How serious is the problem? According to a study in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, very serious. A survey of 199 residents at a residential care facility revealed that almost all of the participants reported some fatigue symptoms: 51% reported mild fatigue, 40% reported moderate fatigue, and 7% reported severe fatigue. Fatigue also influenced depression, activities of daily living, pain, medication use, and the ability to perform a three-minute walk. Even more distressing, one in four seniors reported suffering chronic fatigue (1-5 years), and 11% reported fatigue lasting more than five years!

Whether you’re young or old, the battle against fatigue is an important one. How do we fight fatigue? There’s no single answer, but consistent exercise and a sensible diet might be a good place to start. Your chiropractor can tell you more about fatigue and outline a wellness program to keep you active now and in the future.


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