To Your Health
May, 2007 (Vol. 01, Issue 05)
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Finding the Right Fit

By Editorial Staff

Experts estimate that at least 75% of American women are wearing the wrong bra, and according to a recent national survey, approximately 59% of U.S. women who wear a bra claim it causes them back, shoulder or neck pain.

While most women (87%) agree that comfort is key when choosing a bra, about three in five (59%) feel their bra doesn't fit right, and approximately two in five (41%) say their bra does not provide proper support.

Common complaints include discomfort from the straps (62%), the band around the ribcage (44%) and/or the underwire (25%). Women in the study tried purchasing new bras and loosening the straps, but only 12% sought professional advice on how to find a better fitting bra.

Here are some tips for finding the right bra:

  • GET FITTED - Most potential problems can be averted by getting a professional fitting. The experts can help you find a bra with the proper cup and band size, straps that don't dig into the skin or fall off, and the most flattering styles for your body type.

  • HIT THE DRESSING ROOM - You will probably have to shop around and try a variety of styles, fabrics and manufacturers before finding the right bra for you. Be prepared to spend some quality time in the dressing room.

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  • UPDATE YOUR WARDROBE - A woman's body changes repeatedly over time. From weight loss or gain to pregnancy, menopause and aging, even small changes will require a new bra. Bras also lose their support over time, so women should invest in new ones every few months.

Like every other item in your wardrobe, finding the right bra requires research and dedication. But it is time well-spent, so make the investment in yourself. You'll feel like a new woman.