Young People Love Chiropractic

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Here's one reason of many reasons why: Younger people (ages 10-24) who are experiencing spine pain improve with chiropractic care, suggests research. Pain scores, assessed through the Numeric Rating Scale, which asks patients to rate their pain from 0 (no pain) to 10 (unimaginable pain), decreased significantly following chiropractic management.

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The Long-Lasting Impact of Sugar

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Ahh, sugar – so addictively sweet to so many people who crave their daily sweets at the end of the day, to start their day ... or all day long. Unfortunately, the negative health impact of sugar has been exposed in recent years, so much so that avoiding it is regarded by many experts as the single most important dietary consideration.

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Is Your Child's Depression Being Caused by Poor Sleep?

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Any of a host of reasons can be the culprit when your child displays symptoms of depression, many of which involve social interaction and self-esteem: weight, perceived appearance, peer problems / bullying, etc. That's not the exhaustive list, of course; just the most common; less common (although still far too prevalent) reasons include being a victim of...

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Take Back the Power

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Who are the people most susceptible to marketing by fast-food chains and similar companies that offer generally unhealthy food? As you might expect, it's people with weight issues. However, there's good news: losing weight makes you less vulnerable to their marketing efforts. That means two things: 1) Essentially, these companies are marketing to the...

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Caffeine: Bad for Baby

No, we're not talking about your infant or toddler drinking caffeine; it's the expectant mother who's our focus. Add caffeine to the list of things pregnant moms should avoid – or at least limit severely – for the health of their soon-to-be-born child, according to new research. Here's why.

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Eat Out Less, Live Longer

It seems simple enough, but consider that most people probably haven't eaten out much in the past year, what with COVID stay-at-home orders, restaurant closures and other restrictions. That's all likely to change soon (or already happening, depending on where you live), and eating out will once again become an important way for people to get together,...

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