Pain Pills Don't Go Away After Back Surgery

pain relief - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

We can debate the necessity of spine surgery until the proverbial cows come home, but a few concerning realities are becoming apparent: it's performed far too frequently and it doesn't mean your pain will go away. In terms of the latter point, a recent study in the peer-reviewed journal Pain found that patients who took prescription opioid pain meds...

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Poor Sleep = Migraines

Poor Sleep = Migraines - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

We've talked repeatedly about the negative health impacts of poor sleep, whether inadequate sleep (not enough hours per night), non-restorative sleep (you wake up repeatedly during the night and/or wake up feeling tired, rather than well-rested), etc. Add migraines to the list, according to new research that evaluated sleep disruptions and migraine-like...

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Sitting Time and BP

Sitting Time and BP - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Let's talk about BP – blood pressure – and how something as simple as sitting less can help reduce it. We'll use findings from a new study that evaluated sitting time and BP in a group at risk for high blood pressure: seniors ages 60-89 with high sitting time and a body-mass index of 30-50 (significantly overweight or obese in most cases).

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The Power of Awe

The Power of Awe - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

The health benefits of walking are undeniable, supported by an increasing body of research. But don't just walk – enjoy walking. Tap into the power of awe while walking to reap even greater health benefits. Let's see what a new study says about the power of awe and your health, particularly as you get older.

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Prevent Childhood Cancer

Specifically acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) – the most common cancer affecting children. While you can't eliminate the risk of any cancer entirely, you can certainly reduce the risk exponentially with certain lifestyle behaviors – and in the case of ALL, it starts with breastfeeding.

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The Sleepless Night Diet

Need another sleepless night? Keep eating ultraprocessed foods (UPF). That's the conclusion of a study that evaluated UPF intake and insomnia in a large sample (38,570 adults). All participants completed a sleep questionnaire to assess sleep quality and at least two 24-hour dietary recall records. Results revealed a "a statistically significant...

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