Chiropractic Popularity Keeps Growing

Chiropractic Popularity Keeps Growing - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

A research letter in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) provides initial findings from the most recent (2022) national survey on the use of complementary health approaches (CHA). The findings include data from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), which conducts interviews both by phone and in-person.

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Spinal Disc Damage

Spinal Disc Damage - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Diabetes affects nearly 40 million Americans, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with 90-95% suffering from type 2 diabetes. The good news: type 2 is frequently manageable – and even reversable – with lifestyle changes, since poor lifestyle habits (poor diet, lack of exercise, etc.) are what led to the condition manifesting in...

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An A+ for Movement

A+ - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Desk confinement is pretty much the standard for students once they hit first grade, all the way through college. (By the way, it doesn't get any better if you take a desk job after completing your education.) Beyond the health issues being illuminated on a near-daily basis regarding the toll constant sitting can exert on the body, research also suggests...

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Sugary Drink Dangers

Sugary Drink Dangers - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

You should be well-aware by now of the negative health consequences associated with sugary drink consumption, particularly if you do it more than occasionally (no, drinking a can of soda daily is more than occasionally). Today, we're talking not about an increased risk of cavities, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease or other health issues; we're...

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Multivitamin Power

Multivitamin use may be valuable not only in terms of a lower risk of colorectal cancer, as supported by previous research; a new study also suggests multivitamins may improve survival odds if you're suffering from colorectal cancer. Encouraging news with reports of colorectal cancer rates on the rise, particularly in younger adults.

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Resisting Anxiety

Or at least reducing the impact; that's the priority for anyone experiencing anxiety and/or depressive symptoms. Resistance – as in resistance exercise – may help, according to a new review study that summarized the evidence on the topic.

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