Neck Pain: Think Chiropractic

chiropractic adjustment - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Neck pain is no laughing matter; depending on the severity, it can ruin your day, week or even longer. But before you turn to the medicine cabinet for your favorite pain reliever, why not consider a more permanent option that doesn't just take away the symptoms of the problem, but actually addresses the root cause of the pain? That's where chiropractic...

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Maintain Your Strength

How to Maintain Strength - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

As we age, we lose muscle – pure and simple. In fact, after around age 50, we lose approximately 3% of our muscle strength – every year. Loss of muscle has potential consequences: an increased risk of frailty, falls and fractures, none of which help us maintain an active, independent lifestyle as we get older.

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Minimize (Unhealthy) Snack Calories

Minimize Snack Calories - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Healthy snacking is one thing, but unfortunately, most Americans indulge in unhealthy snacking the majority of the time. Case in point: A new study that suggests U.S. adults average 400-500 calories in snacks every day that offer little nutritional value – and account for approximately one-third of daily added sugar intake. Published in the research...

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Exercise for Breast Cancer

Exercise for Breast Cancer - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

An estimated one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer. While lifestyle habits can help reduce your risk, it's important to understand that what you do after a diagnosis could be just as important. One habit that can help with prevention and treatment: exercise.

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Foods That Fight Cancer

Dietary choices play a significant role in the prevention or development of disease processes, including cancer. But do particular dietary patterns exert the same influence, particularly if you've been diagnosed with cancer already?

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Everyday Wellness Habits

Every day is an opportunity to make deposits into your wellness account – or make withdrawals from it. The more healthy habits you pursue, the more wellness – and all the benefits wellness brings – becomes a part of you. And when you're in a perpetual state of wellness, life is good – very good.

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