The Last Profession Standing for Low Back Pain: Chiropractic

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In the research world, low back pain has become the benchmark for effectiveness, as there are significantly more studies on LBP than any other musculoskeletal ailment. The studies we have seen over the past several years read like the makings of a great detective novel. But instead of trying to discover "who done it," science has been eliminating the...

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Belly Fat: Bad for the Spine

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If you can't seem to shake your belly fat (no pun intended) and are experiencing back pain, or other pain and dysfunction potentially linked to spinal health, there's a reason: belly fat is bad for your spine. Let's take a look at what new research says about how belly fat exerts forces on the spine.

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Sugar Kills the Pancreas

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Your pancreas is an important organ of the body; among other functions, it produces enzymes that assist with the digestive process and hormones that help control blood sugar levels. The pancreas is also critical in the sense that if something goes wrong, such as cancer, the survival rate is among the lowest for all types of cancer. In other words, you...

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Bad for Body Image

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We've talked a great deal in To Your Health about the risks associated with excessive smartphone use; everything from poor posture to a higher risk of anxiety / depression. Now let's talk turn the conversation to body image and how phones are making our children more likely to want – and try to achieve – the "perfect body" they see on their screens,...

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Fiber to the Rescue

You probably know that fiber plays a key role in proper bowel function, allowing your gut to do what it's supposed to do: move waste through and out of your system. Now here's what most people probably don't know: fiber also helps reduce antibiotic resistance, an increasingly common consequence of antibiotic use. It doesn't even take that much fiber to...

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Reducing Stroke Risk

If you've ever had a stroke, witnessed someone having a stroke, or dealt with (yourself or with a loved one) the aftermath of a stroke, you know avoiding one at all costs is absolutely essential. Before you go looking up all the risk factors that contribute to stroke, consider these simple, straightforward findings from new research: sit less and move more.

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