Recipe for a Healthy Spine

spine - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

You only have one spine, and you need it for a lifetime. Healthy spinal discs are one of the keys. Intervertebral discs act as cushions between spinal vertebrae, but "life" takes a toll. A lifetime of walking, standing and other activities, combined with the body's aging process itself, can deteriorate spinal discs over time, making them drier, thinner...

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10 Minutes to a Better Brain

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Are you only 10 minutes away from better brain health? We're talking about 10 minutes of moderate-intensity jogging, and new research suggests a mere 10 minutes improves both mood and the brain's ability to process information – a win-win for your brain health and daily life!

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Keep It Under Control

red blood cell - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Keeping your blood sugar (glucose) levels stable is critical for reducing your type 2 diabetes risk. If you don't have type 2 diabetes, consider yourself fortunate; it, along with obesity (a big risk factor for diabetes) are epidemic in the United States, and the figures seem to be getting worse by the day. For obese individuals who've already been...

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Preparing for Baby: Watch Your Weight

weight watching - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Weight gain is inevitable during pregnancy. If nothing else, a woman gains the weight of her developing child, plus additional weight (placenta, uterus, fluid retention). But generally, a woman who is "average" weight prior to conceiving will gain anywhere from 25-35 total pounds over the course of nine months. That's healthy and normal; it's the weight...

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Don't Let the Holidays Wreck You

The holiday season is supposed to be a happy, even relaxing one; but all too often, it deteriorates rapidly into chaos and stress, despite our best intentions. What can we do to preserve the positives that the holidays are supposed to deliver? It starts by developing a simple stress-reducing action plan to ensure the holidays don't wreck you. Here are...

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Drink (Coffee and Tea) to Better Health

We're talking about coffee and tea, and considering how many people drink both beverages worldwide on a daily basis, new research is good news for the overwhelming majority of the planet. In fact, drinking coffee and tea could not only significantly improve your Golden Years; it could save your life. Let's learn why coffee and tea are essential for your...

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