Chiropractic: The Best Choice for Seniors With Spinal Pain

spinal pain - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Compared to what? How about pain medication, including opioids, which continue to be associated with misuse, abuse, addiction and death in simply unacceptable numbers. Opioid use within the senior population is particularly concerning because older adults are often already taking multiple medications (known as polypharmacy); and because many seniors...

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Love Your Strong Bones

Love Your Strong Bones - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

What comes to mind when you think about love? The heart, of course. When you think about bone health, the heart should also come to mind, because in women, strong bones seem to improve heart health, too. Let's see what new study findings suggest regarding this intriguing association. Based on a review of medical records among women (ages 50-80) who...

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Stick With the Plan

Stick With the Plan - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Research suggests that as many as 70% of people who establish a fitness resolution fail before achieving their goal. One possible reason: They don't understand that they need to stick with the plan. In fact, a new study makes it clear that establishing a gym habit isn't as easy as going a few times – it can take real dedication.

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Cranberries for UTI

Cranberries for UTI - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

Ever heard that cranberry products can help prevent urinary tract infections? It's not just a wives' tale or ancient practice; research supports the value of cranberries in preventing this common, frustrating condition. Case in point: a new global review study that evaluated 50 recent studies involving more than 9,000 participants. Published in the...

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Deep Sleep Matters

As you sleep, your body cycles through two stages: REM (rapid eye movement) and non-REM sleep. A complete sleep cycle takes anywhere from 1.5 to 2 hours and then repeats, but with longer REM vs. non-REM sleep as the night progresses. The REM stage is often characterized by vivid dreams; the non-REM stage is called deep sleep.

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BMI and GI Cancer

While body-mass index has been described as an imperfect measure of weight because it's based on weight relative to height (which doesn't account for body type, muscle vs. fat, etc.), if your BMI is high and you're not in great shape, your health risks are higher. Gastrointestinal cancer is one example. Nearly 35% of all cancer-related deaths worldwide...

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