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Poor Diet Linked to Increase in Childhood Asthma
Playing Sports, Staying Healthy
Breastfeeding Reduces Childhood Asthma Risk
Physical Activity: Good for Your Baby's Bones
Exercise Now = Strong Bones Later?
Children Burn More Calories After Low-Fat Meal
Abusing Antibiotics
Too Much Juice
Soy Protein for School Lunches
Physical Activity Strengthens Children's Bones
Dietary Fats Affect Childhood Allergies
Low-Iron Diet = Low Math Scores?
Glue Ear: An All-Too-Common Problem
Charcoal: Not Just for Barbecues
Dramatic Rise in Childhood Obesity
In the (O)Zone
Extended Cabs, Extensive Risks
Youth Football Earns an Extra Point
Athletics Don't Affect Girls' Growth
No Argument -- Always Buckle Up
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